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PrivacyRules recognizes that not all users want the same products and services.
Our Company can provide Consultancy to Corporations, Governments, Companies, International Organizations, Associations and also Individuals all around the world and in any privacy sector.
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Country Overview

PrivacyRules provides you with summaries of critical privacy rules in individual countries. The summaries are provided by our in-country experts from around the world. We've also included contact information for all of our experts so you can contact them if you have questions or need more detailed analysis.

Forms & templates -

We make privacy compliance painless by providing you with easy to use forms and templates related to privacy rules from around the world. Each document is provided in the native language for the country in which it can be used and also comes with an English translation.

The Law of Privacy -

We are collecting laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, treaties and relevant case law from jurisdictions around the world which govern and regulate privacy. Each document is provided in the native language of its home country and will come with an English translation.

Commentary & Analysis -

Our experts provide commentary and analysis on privacy related topics of general interest. Blog posts, newsletters, academic treatises and more, all authored and published by the world's thought leaders on privacy related matters.

EU GDPR framework and compliance -

Are you ready for the GDPR?

Technology and Software -

This section contains information related to the evolving technological tools available to support a legally compliant privacy program, to protect your data and to manage breach incidents. Our IT industry and technology members explain what you need, why you need it and provide holistic security expertise.

Cybercrime and Criminal Law risks -

Since the transformation of crime in the information age, cybercrime has become the most threatening and damaging form of criminality affecting millions yearly. PrivacyRules assists clients across the globe with a multifaceted approach leveraging on its unique worldwide network of lawyers and IT experts to provide 360-degree advice on sector and region specific risks.


Training is a fundamental requirement of any privacy compliance program and for all data privacy professionals. We can help you and your company acquire, expand, or update your skills on privacy matters. We custom develop training for different audiences ranging from small companies to the public at large. If you have a training need, PrivacyRules is your solution.

Conferences, Seminars and Webinars

PrivacyRules organizes conferences on various privacy and data protection related topics, in different jurisdictions, and for different audiences. Check our calendar and register to get a first row seat! We also offer in-person seminars and live webinars. Our versatile, easily accessible and interactive on-line seminar platform will allow you and your colleagues to learn about and discuss the latest developments in privacy.


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